Here you can read through my formal bio:


Studio & session drummer, fire drummer.

Formerly, the drummer of Sear Bliss, a well-known Hungarian black metal band, who currently drums in the popular folk/dub/pop/reggae band, Anima Sound System. He has played with several popular Hungarian singers as well as musicians and his drumming can be heard on numerous albums.
He has formulated a new concept using flaming drumsticks lit at both ends.

Oliver Zisko was born in 1977 and started playing the drums in 1992.
Being an autodidactic musician, he did not study at any well-known music schools. He learned to read scores and about the basics of jazz as well as afro music at the Béla Bartók music school in Szombathely, Hungary for 2 years, before studying as a private student of Ivan Nesztor (former drum teacher from the Jazz Class of Franz Liszt Music Academy), for a further 2 years. As an “omnivorous musician,” he is able to adapt to different music genres. He has played with several popular Hungarian singers as well as musicians, moreover, his drumming can be heard on several albums and audio recordings.
He was the writer of the Hungarian Musician magazine’s Drum section between 2009 and 2012. Currently, he is a member of several projects as well as performs live sessions, and makes studio recordings.
He has put together two drum lesson resources. The first entitled “Improvisation and technical exercises on drum kits,” which is a scorebook that includes an audio CD, was published in 2006. This publication contains a wealth of information, several technical tips for drummers, improvisational models, as well as countless lessons and exercises for both one’s hands and feet. The other teaching resource is a DVD/CD named “100% drumming.” In 2011, he put together a fire/drum show, which was probably the first of its kind in the world, where tricks were performed using flaming drumsticks. An album entitled “The Wondrous Stag” was recorded by him comprised of the tracks from this show.

At the time of writing, that is, in 2021 – besides studio and session drumming projects – he’s working on a new solo album called “Global Warning” featuring Marius Pop (on guitars); Allan Holdsworth’s touring musician Anthony Crawford (on the bass); former member of Dream Theater, Derek Sherinian (on the keyboard); Mike Gotthard (on guitars); Zsolt Kaltenecker (keyboarder of the band Special Providence); Péter Papesch (on the bass); Martin Gudics (on the bass) and the band Anima Sound System.


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