Merging different forms of art is very popular nowadays. In 2011, I started to formulate a concept – probably the first of its kind in the world – by fusing drumming and fire performance. By fire performing, I mean the art of fire dancing and other forms of fire art that use fire tools like poi, dragon staffs, contact staffs, fire swords, etc.

The essence of the idea is that I do tricks with flaming drumsticks. Although both ends of the sticks are lit, the part that is flaming is slightly away from the head of the stick, i.e. the head is flameless so it can be used for its basic function, namely for hitting the drums. The other flaming point is at the opposite end of the stick, close to where you normally hold the stick. Since this burning part is in close proximity to the drummer’s arm, the stick must continuously be rotated for safe use. I do two types of tricks. In the first, the drumstick is held in my right or left hand and is rotated by 360° once or twice, while in the second, the drumstick is only rotated by 180°. After performing both tricks, I hit the drums or cymbals. In the case of the latter trick, I hit the drums with the head of the drumstick as well as with its opposite end so the flames are not only a visual element but appear to be a constituent part of the drumming.

Since 2011, I have performed at a lot of gigs where I’ve played some of my own fire drumming musical compositions as well as drum solos.

I have composed an album entitled “The Wondrous Stag” based on this concept, which you can listen to, download or order in CD format from the AUDIO DOWNLOAD/MERCH menu.

Some highlights of the Wondrous Stag live show:

…and you can check out one of my full performances here:

Do you want to add a fiery visual to your video clip? You can check out this option from the STUDIO DRUMMER menu.


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